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Privacy solutions

All international prices are monthly and do not include any tax.

N.I.X-Standard € 35,-

One domain, HTML on your own N.I.X server:
Free alias domains.
Weekly mirroring.

N.I.X-Economy € 22,-

fits for website with low traffic.
Like N.I.X-Standard, but shares a physikal N.I.X-server with other customers.

Manipulator packet + € 12,-

We install the Plone Content Management System. It is the most secure CMS and provides very comfortable user interface. It does responsive design and looks good on all devices. Even with a smartphone it is fun and easy to manage your content

Parachute packet + € 1,40

Daily mirroring of the whole machine.

Wired packet + € 8,- ( starting September 2018 )

Demands an own N.I.X. server and a Phritz-HAU, which is the Homenetwork Anonymisation Unit in our Steampunk Computing portfolio. It does plug and play private communication at home and in the office. Connecting to N.I.X via HAU is as save as if it´s hard wired

PriMa server + € 24,- per mail account ( Dezember 2018)

Ther Private Mailserver is based on the wired packet.
A mail server will be installed on the N.I.X-Server invisible to the net and talking to especially configures HAUs only. It provides maximum privacy for you business communication.


Another autonomous domain with the same features on the same machine
- HTML +40% packet price
- CMS +75% packet price

Installation € 75,- (nonrecurring)

Installation and comissioning of a N.I.X-server is charged once. It includes  acquisition and installation of an own SSL certificate.